Hi, I’m Jason CastaΓ±eda πŸ‘‹


Creating innovative ways to improve and delight users by having a seamless experience


A knowledgeable London-based user-centric Product Designer, Systems Thinker and Product Strategist. I am passionate and driven individual who aims to improve the lives of others through delighting them from a seamless experience. I want to see the future especially being an innovative person I believe in future proofing, to an extent, that can push boundaries and constantly developing it further.

Outside of being Product Designer, I’m an amateur Photography who has a keen interest of discovering new, exciting things.

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5 Top Values


I like to innovate. ALOT. Since I was a child I created weird toys and stuff. I want to invent. In my Teens, I started exploring more the creative aspects. This is where I fell in love with tech and graphics. Now in my Adult life I always want to innovate more. Explore. Make a difference.✌️


Collaboration is key πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’». Getting people together to achieve a goal or task helps to collate ideas from other people. As an Experience Designer I cherish the input of others, listening to what people have, to me, brings silence to the table.


You never stop learning. Literally. I love learning new things and taking up new things. For me, I like to take up various of things for example, I’m learning to Surf πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ, SnowboardπŸ‚, play the Ukulele 🎸 and do anything when I apply my mind to it 🧠.

❀️ Passion

Passion is the key ingredient to make anything impossible possible. Passion in what you do and how you want to achieve it will help you grow further. I am a Movie Buff who likes comics, tech, games and user experience. These things are the things I am passionate about.


Whether your the president, doctor, manager, a random stranger ALWAYS stay true to yourself and BE humble πŸ™. I treat people who they are. If its comes to your orientation, race, religion, etc I would treat you as if you’re part of my family.

What People Mentioned about Me

Reviews from various colleagues I worked with

Jason is a very hard working UX Designer who puts customers at the heart of his work. He very quickly is able to work up designs, wireframes and prototypes to help improve the customer journey. During my time as his manager, he developed his story telling ability to accurately identify pain points using various data sources, to design and test solutions, and to ensure these are developed with the agile software team. I look forward to working with Jason again.


Chris Bayley

Senior Product Manager at Sainsbury’s

Jason was extremely easy to work with. Thanks to his curiosity & natural aptitude for what good UI means, the HN Team & I were able to truly transform the look & feel of Product Details Pages together and even improve the overall UX of the Harvey Nichols mobile site through to checkout. I would say that Jason is very collaborative in working style and presents strong ideas in meetings in an ‘understated manner’ ex. Bottom-up Site Navigation (like an app). Often softly-spoken, Jason’s input is highly valuable & should not be ignored. He asks great questions which lead to positive & impactful solutions for users. Jason is extremely user-centric in his thinking. Post-meetings, he and his team tackled in store user-testing for Harvey Nichols along with his colleague, Chris. What resulted from this new activity is more informed, consumer-led product design as people were tasked with thinking-aloud. It helped to shape new concepts to test and, thanks to task elicitation, resulted in more concrete UX improvement suggestions, as friction points were communicated directly from the user’s mouth that could be eliminated. I would strongly recommend Jason to any other company as he has strong UX/Design knowledge and was extremely fluid in working style.


Conor McGann

CSS Shopping ads Consultant, PerfX at Google

Want To Chat?

Let’s begin with a simple conversation whether it’s regarding a job, advice or a normal chitchat on UX. I am happy to talk about my process and approach in the world of user experience.